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 Artist/Designer: Marissa Lewis for Mishakaudi Jewelry

Mishakaudi was started by Marissa Lewis in 2010. Mishakaudi is a collaboration of Marissa's artistic and creative talents, her business experience and family history of jewelry making. Making jewelry and creating unique pieces that are affordable for everyone is her passion. Her jewelry is affordable, fun, positive and unique. The line she designs is for the bohemian free spirit in every woman. She is a proud vegan, and does not use leather or feathers in any of her designs. Each piece is individually hand crafted in her workshop in Spokane , WA. She lives with her lovely daughters Jayli and Everly and their french bulldog Nahko.

Where did the name Mishakaudi come from?
When Marissa was learning to talk as a small child, her mom would ask her what her name was and she would reply "Misha Kaudi Canoe", which was her version of Marissa Kelly McAndrew (her full name). Since then her family has always called her Mishakaudi, Misha or Mish for short, and it has stuck with her throughout her life. What more a fitting name than one originally manifested in the mind of a young child, one that is open to all the creative energy and possibilities the world has to offer!


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