The Art Of Necklace Layering

We here at Mishakaudi LOVE layering necklaces! I often hear that women love the look but are not sure how to do it, they tell me "I just don't know which pieces work together."  Have no fear, I have a solution!  There is an easy way to layer on necklaces, so let's get started.
As you can see in the picture, I have layered 4 necklaces with this top.  The key to layering is to choose different lengths with pendant styles that work well together.  Start with the necklace that is the most detailed or elicits the most attention as a focal point. Here it is the shortest necklace, our Hota Necklace that has a double chevron pendant and it is on an 18" chain which will land about mid-chest (not just under the collar bone, but not down to the breast area either.) And then move on to layering longer pieces that are not too busy but go well together.  The three pieces below are the Cobi Necklace which is the cylinder cone point at 24" length, then the Large Vertical Bar Necklace at 24" length that I added a 4" extension on the clasp to add more dimension and allow me to wear these together. And finally the Bar Chain Mixed Necklace which is 30" in length and lays well over the Large Vertical Bar Necklace. Because all the necklaces are fairly simple, I can layer 4 necklaces together.  But you do not need 4 necklaces to make a great layering statement.  Other great options would include a 16" or 18" small necklace, either a simple pendant or horizontal bar works great.  Then add a 24" middle layer that maybe is a single crystal.  You could then add a longer 30" chain or something simple to round out the last layer, making sure it does not become too busy to feel mis-matched.  
Here I chose to only wear two pieces. The 18" Hota Necklace and our Gemini Zodiac Necklace. Holla to all my Gemini Twins out there! 
The best thing to do is start to try different necklaces together until you find a collection that works well and go from there. The more you do it, the more you will intuitively find your style and designs that work best with your body! 
Now go make a statement ladies! 
Much Love and Light, 
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